OpenReaktor #55 with HYPE4, Brainhub and TRIO LEGAL

24 Maja 2017, 18:00 (Środa), Warszawa Zobacz na mapie

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On May 24 we're organizing OpenReaktor #55!

On monthly #OpenReaktor events we open up Reaktor, a startup mansion in Żoliborz (Central-North Warsaw), inviting interesting speakers and gathering the whole Warsaw startup scene in one place to network. Hot Pizza, cold beer, great location, wonderful people and fantastic speakers!


18:00 Beer & Networking
19:00 Announcements
19:15 HYPE4 - Michał Malewicz, Diana Malewicz
19:45 Trio Legal - Ania Rak
20:15 BrainHub - Mateusz Warcholinski
21:00 Pizza!

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HYPE4 is a design and development studio from Warsaw, that in the last 4 years has created over 150 mobile and web products for the likes of Samsung, Viacom, Orange, mBank, Payback and others. They take a very precise and design-oriented approach to how they build digital products that can work for a huge corporation and a bootstrapped startup. Michal Malewicz has been doing web design since 1999 and has seen how the industry evolved in the following years.
They also do a "Quality focused" event called app-roast in which they show the importance of attention to detail even (or especially) for start-ups and write a design-oriented blog. They want to talk why design should be flexible based on their experience with corporate work and their own startups (babynote, aureo).

Anna Rak, Senior Associate in TRIO LEGAL Snażyk Granicki sp. k., specializes in domestic and international litigation (both court and arbitral proceedings) and mediation, especially in economic disputes. She also deals with issues related to competition and corporate law, as well as protection of information and personal data protection. Anna graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and the School of German Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. She completed her attorney training at the Warsaw Bar Association, will become attorney in July.

Speaks English, German and Spanish. Passionate about AI, animals and Marvel.

Come and take a look at a brief case study on possible hooks and traps in investment agreements - for each and every money-seeking startup company (or company wannabe)

Matt Warcholinski, COO at BrainHub, where they build JavaScript software for global online businesses. Before that he built & failed/succeed with 3 startups in Germany. In love with B2B Sales, Content Marketing, Bootstrapping and investing in great teams - Brainhub Ventures.



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